Stroke Check in 

A stroke check in is perfect for masters swimmers or triathletes looking to improve the effectiveness of their swim. 

A check in will be a basic analysis of one stroke, which will give you 2-3 stroke corrections to take away and work on in your training. Some above water filming will be done throughout the session which will be shared with you afterwards. You are welcome to bring your own underwater action camera with attachments to use in the pool to film your underwater stroke for you to review afterwards. 

During the session we will work on correcting specific elements of your stroke which could improve. We will breakdown the stroke to work on one element at a time. We may do some drills, or use some equipment to aid your stroke technique development. 

Afterwards I will email you with your videos, a recap of the points discussed in the session and I will recommend some drills for you to swim in your training to work on those specific elements of your stroke which need tweaking. 
I usually give swimmers 2 or 3 elements of their stroke to focus on as too many at once can be overwhelming and it can take a while to change swimming habits. I encourage swimmers to come back for another check in to see how your stroke has developed, to then move on to the next elements of your stroke. I recommended a check in for my swimmers once every 1-3 months depending on how often you train. 

A check in will be about 1 hour swimming plus brief written feedback on email with videos is £45. 

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