Who is Swim Against the Flow pool for? 


  • Children learning to swim with a teacher 

  • Adults learning to swim wanting a comfortable environment of a private pool

  • Competitive swimmer wanting to train 

  • Open water swimmers wanting to replicate open water in a pool (no tumble turns)

  • Preparing for your first triathlon

  • Experienced triathletes training for events

  • Channel swimmers training for your big swim 

  • Parent and toddler developing water confidence through play in a small pool, no getting splashed by bigger children in a public pool 

  • Swimming coach with their swimmers

  • Gentle water exercise for rehabilitation

  • Family swim time

  • Swimming for general fitness and enjoyment


What is an Endless Pool? 

An Endless pool is a compact pool with a unit which creates a smooth current. This enables you to swim on the spot against the current.
The Endless Performance pool has a swim current range from an equivalent 4 minute per 100 meters, suitable for beginners, through to a 1.11 minute pace for serious swimmers.  The pool can be set to run for a continuous 30 minute current, or broken into intervals using the Fit@Home app. As your swim is not interuppted by turns you can focus on stroke technique. The Endless pool creates a very good work out. The speed you will train at will be slightly slower than the equivalent lap pool time. 

The pool is 1.2m in the middle, with a bench around the sides shallow enough for children to stand up in. This is a perfect depth for aqua aerobics and exercises in water. 
We can control the temperature of the pool and we tend to have it between 27.5 and 28.5 degrees, raising the temperature to 29 at the weekends for our younger swimmers. 

Benefits of Endless Pool 

By swimming at Swim Against the Flow you will have the pool to yourself. No lane rage, having to share a lane in a busy pool. You control the pace. You control the set. You have the whole pool to yourself. 

Great for open water swimmers and triathletes as the flow simulates open water swimming, with the comfort of an indoor pool. The flow helps correct a poor swimming stroke, as you will develop a feel for the water. 

The pool mirrors underneath the flow and on the pool floor bottom of the pool means you can watch your technique and make immediate alterations to your stroke.  
The continuous flow gives you a good feel for the water encouraging self correction. 

Covid secure measures
Please only come use the pool with members of your household or bubble. 
Please only come to the pool if you are well. We can rearrange your swim for a time you are better no charge.

Please stick to your booked time, there will be a buffer of 15 minutes after your swim time to change. 
Time in between sessions is needed to clean and add chemicals to the pool if needed. 
You will have sole use of the pool room. 
The pool surfaces are cleaned and sanitised in between each use. 
The chlorine and pH levels are tested to ensure suitable for swimming and within the levels which have been found to inactivate a virus.  
levels are suitable for swimming. 
Currently there is no access to the toilet and shower, so please do use the toilet before you come and shower when you get home. 
Swimming lessons with teacher in the water are not currently being offered at this time. 
Lessons with teacher on the side will have doors open to ensure improved circulation. This will mean the room may be a little cooler, so water temperature may be increased if necessary. 
Teacher will wear a mask to reduce transmission risk. 


Location and Parking 

On booking we will email you with directions. Our pool is attached to the side of our family home in Boughton Monchelsea. We have parking on the drive in front of the pool building.  

Swim Against the Flow was established in 2020

Great for masters swimmers or triathletes looking to improve the efficiency of their stroke. 

Swimming Teacher 

Swimming has been a life long hobby and passion of mine.
I've been training regularly in swimming since I was a young child, competing up to National level. I have been a qualified ASA Level 2 Swimming teacher since 2006, and worked for many years as a Lifeguard and Swimming Teacher. 

I've taught a wide range of swimmers in groups and one to one lessons over the years. I've taught parent and babies, beginners, intermediates, young people with special needs, adult beginners, swimmers at club level, masters swimmers, open water swimmers, triathletes, life savers and even did some aqua aerobics instructing. 
Having 3 young children I haven't been able to train as 
regularly as I used to. 

We have longed for an Endless Pool for years and our dream finally came true during lockdown in 2020. I have loved being able to swim several times a week again, building my fitness and am itching to get back into Masters competing. 
I am now really enjoying sharing my passion for swimming with so many other keen swimmers and loving watching my super swimmers progress.