Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons suitable for any age and swimming ability.
Lessons will be individually designed to your ability and swimming ambitions.
From beginners wanting to gain confidence in the water in the privacy of a private pool.To competent swimmers wanting to improve their stroke technique and develop strength and endurance in the endless flow. 

All lessons are currently being taught with the teacher on the side of he pool. Under current restrictions teacher is not currently allowed in the water with the swimmers. 
With suitable swimming aids lessons for young children are successful. If little ones are very nervous of going in the water a parent can join them the water if needed. 

Beginner lessons focus on gaining water confidence and introducing the strokes without the use of the flow.

For more advanced swimmers there will be the chance to swim against the  flow current. This can be for adults and children. 

30 minutes lessons, available one off or weekly lessons.
Please contact for availability. 

 The lessons can focus on

  • Building water confidence

  • Stroke development and improvement

  • Endurance training

  • Train for an event

  • General fitness 


For the advanced swimmers wanting to train in the endless pool, you can hire the pool ​for regular training sessions. 

Or we can develop you a training programme tailored to your level to build fitness, whether for fitness or to work towards an event. 

Please contact us to discuss your personalised swimming lessons. 


5 x 30 minute lessons

5 x 1 hour semi-coached programme

5 x 1 hour training session with teacher